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Prakrit Kansa Vase

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Originating from the times of Mahabharata, this craft has great spiritual significance. Considered to be veritably shudh (pure), these rustic brass utensils were used in important religious ceremonies, such as Havanas and weddings. This healing metalware is made using a four is to one proportion of copper to tin, a combination prescribed by the ancient Indian medical scholar Charak in Charak Samhita, the bible of ancient Indian medicine and surgery. Moreover, our gifted Kansari Karigars use only handmade tools to create alluring patterns on what is known to be the hardest metal to work on.

Included in Purchase:

- 1 Vase


- Kansa

Dimensions (inches): 5.1(L) x 5.1(B) x 9.6(H); Dia: 5.1

Weight: 4.07 pounds

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